French presidential hopeful Emmanuel Macron is the most popular politician in France despite losing three percent of support since September, a poll published Tuesday revealed.
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تاریخ انتشار: ۲۶ بهمن ۱۳۹۵ - ۱۳:۵۵ 14 February 2017
Sputnik – According to the survey carried out by Odoxa on February 8-9 over the Internet among 1,001 French adults, 37 percent of French sympathize with Macron but only 33 percent believe that he would be a good president, a sharp decline of 12 percent since the previous poll in September.
French former Prime Minister Alain Juppe has support of 35 percent while ex-Education Minister Benoit Hamon scored 33 percent with an impressive improvement of 10 percent since the last poll.

The Republicans' presidential candidate Francois Fillon lost 10 percent gaining 22 percent. Fillon used to be the leader of the presidential race but lost popularity after a scandal that erupted in late January around his wife’s allegedly fake employment.

A total of 25 percent of French sympathize with the National Front presidential candidate Marine Le Pen.

The first round of the French presidential election is scheduled for April 23, while the run-off is slated for May 7.

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