Federal immigration officials on Saturday detained four lawful permanent residents from Iran at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, citing one of President Trump’s latest executive orders, according to Sarah Owings, an immigration attorney who is working with their families.
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A man, woman and 10-year-old child from one family and a grandmother from another family, Owings said, were being held after returning from vacations in Iran Saturday afternoon. They all live in the Atlanta area.

The immigration lawyer said the group had been detained since 12:30 at the Customs and Border Protection area of the International Terminal. 

Channel 2's Matt Johnson has been in contact with lawyers for the families. 

Johnson was told that the family of three was released around 7 p.m.

Georgia congressmen John Lewis and Hank Johnson went to the airport to meet with Customs and Border Protections officials.

They learned that 11 immigrants in total were detained and two were still being held Saturday night.

"This kind of drastic activity is bad for America,” Hank Johnson said.

Those who had been detained as a result of the president’s order do not have to leave the country, according to an emergency stay a federal judge issued Saturday night.

"We cannot continue to let this happen,” Lewis said.

Lawyers said they weren't being given much information.

"These are people who live here — who have houses, dogs, cars,” Owings said as she waited with their anxious relatives in the international terminal. "We are being stonewalled. We are not being given any information beyond the number and email address for the public affairs officer” from U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

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