US Congressional negotiators have made an agreement on the budget funding to avoid government shutdown through Septemeber.
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تاریخ انتشار: ۱۱ ارديبهشت ۱۳۹۶ - ۱۰:۰۰ 01 May 2017
Sputnik — US Congressional leaders reached a deal on the budget for the current fiscal year, which ends on September 30, the Politico newspaper reported citing governmental sources.

According to the newspaper, citing two congressional aides familiar with the issue, the budget deal includes spending $1.5 billion on border security, but does not allocate money specifically for the building of the wall on the border with Mexico.

The deal also includes $2 billion spending for the National Institutes of Health, the media added.

According to the Fox News, the total amount of planned government funding makes $1.07 trillion.

On Friday, both the US House and Senate passed a short-term measure to prevent the government shutdown, giving the Congress one week to pass a funding bill.

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