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Sept. 28, 2010
Press TV
Iran's foreign minister says he will pursue the cases of Iranian citizens detained and jailed by the US in his upcoming New York meeting with the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

"We have prepared a list of Iranian nationals that have either been detained in the United States on false charges and allegations or arrested and on trial in other locations, such as the UK, and awaiting decisions on extradition requests by the US," said Mottaki in a press briefing on the sidelines of the 65th session of the UN General Assembly on Monday.

"We are persistently following these cases," the Iranian official went on to say.

Mottaki emphasized that the issue of the Iranian captives would be one of the major topics that he would discuss with the UN chief in the period of his visit to the UN headquarters.

In his recent visit to New York, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also highlighted the illegal detention of eight Iranian nationals in the US or third countries by American agents on baseless allegations.

Iran's foreign ministry has been engaged in tireless diplomatic efforts to obtain the release of the Iranian nationals held captive in Britain, France, the United States, Canada, Germany and Saudi Arabia.

The following individuals have been abducted directly by the US government or its agents in different countries:

Amir-Hossein Ardebili, held in a prison in Philadelphia, was illegally abducted in Georgia in 2007. The US-backed government of Georgia handed him over to US authorities in 2008.

Nasrollah Tajik, the former Iranian ambassador to Jordan, was arrested in the UK three years ago for alleged involvement in 'nuclear deals.' Washington is pressuring British officials for Tajik's extradition.

Alireza Asgari, a former deputy at Iran's ministry of defense, mysteriously disappeared in Turkey. He is believed to have been abducted and transferred to Israel.

The remaining detainees include Mahmoud Yadegari, arrested in Canada and awaiting transfer to the US; Mohsen Afrasiabi, arrested in Germany and awaiting extradition to the US; Baktash Fatahi, Shahrzad Amir-Qolikhani, Ali Amir-Nazmi, and Hassan Saeed-Keshari, all four arrested and held captive in the US.

Shahram Amiri, a researcher at the University of 'Malek Ashtar', was also abducted by US agents in Saudi Arabia while on a pilgrimage journey in 2009. He was eventually released by the US in July 2010 after he succeeded in releasing a video clip about his ordeal.

The political and legal experts familiar with the US-Iranian developments maintain that the detention scenarios of ordinary Iranian citizens are undoubtedly manufactured by Stuart Levey, the first Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence of the US Department of Treasury.

Levey's affiliation with Israel and the international Zionism has been widely reported as he has become well-known in American political circles as a 'senior Israeli citizen.'

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