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Publish Date: 23 July 2010 - 20:26


Tabnak is Iran’s most widely-read news website. It is not a news agency, but has more readers than all Iranian news agencies.


Tabnak is closely associated with the Osoolgarayan, or the principlists, primarily with Mohsen Rezaei, current secretary of the Expediency Council and former commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC). Rezaei was the only rival of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the principlists camp during the last Iranian presidential elections of 2009.


Tabnak is now launching its English and Arabic news websites with the aim to inform the international community of events happening in Iran. It also intends to redistribute the news, reports and views of non-Iranian credible media and sources on the Iranian issues so as to provide Tabnak viewers with stories about Iran from international viewpoints.


Our intention is not to launch propaganda in favor of the Iranian government, but rather the belief that the international public opinion deserves to be informed of all the authentic news, including positive events happening in the country so as to get a real picture of Iran, the Iranian people and government and its policies.


In addition to posting self-produced news items and commentaries, Tabnak will also redistribute other news items produced by Iranian and non-Iranian media on political, economic and social developments in Iran while fully observing all necessary legal and ethical protocols.


Presently, the United States, the European Union and Israel are lined up against Iran while at the same time the Western media do not hesitate to join their governments in exerting pressure on our country. Such aggressive politics has resulted in biased and unrealistic coverage of the events in the Islamic republic by the Western media. Tabnak will strive to address such unprofessional shortcomings as far as possible and help the international public opinion as well as the foreign policy establishments of the world countries to learn about Iran and its issues the way they are and not the way certain circles wish to depict them.


We welcome any form of cooperation and guidelines by all our viewers who wish to have a share in enlightening the world people within the framework of logic, fairness and human values, and take steps toward peace, tranquility and justice. We value all such efforts.


Here, we would like to invite all Tabnak viewers to send us their articles or news stories related to Iran and we will gladly post them on the site if found appropriate.





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